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By Akash Puri, Class of 2004


(Akash was placed from campus as an ABN AMRO, Van Gogh Preferred Banking Relationship Manager. From there he moved to HSBC, Dubai as an AVP, Premier Banking and thereafter to RBS, Singapore as a Suitcase Banker to handle the European and South East Asian NRI Markets.  He has now now returned to the country and started Pankh: an initiative to organise vocational skills’ training programmes for women below the poverty line and to provide employment avenues for them thereafter.) 


I don’t know what I was thinking when I chose to write upon this subject.  And I wish it was as simple as to paraphrase a list of ticks that make an Infinite or Inbuss standout from the rest.  However, on the contrary and as much as I like it to be, just as there isn’t a shortcut to success, there isn’t such an effortless answer to this question.  Imprudent of me, but in the true Inbuss spirit, I will rise to the challenge to pen it down to the best I can.


Lofty as it sounds, Inbuss’ spirit is not to create students in its own image, but to develop students who can create their own image.  Infinites are a part of an ever evolving institution that celebrates diversity and prepares us for our future.  To do so, numerous hours are spent on us during the Personality Enhancement Programme sessions to enable us to always bring forth the individual in us that makes us who we are. 


Simply put, Inbuss is a lot more than brick and mortar.  It is a campus of values.  The inmates are not treated as mere bench occupants, seeking the much sought after degree, but as individuals who are an integral part of the Infinite Corporate Team in pursuit of a common organizational goal- To become the best in every aspect by constantly challenging the comfort zones.  Inbuss encourages us to face our fears.  And this is done through continuous 1-1 counseling sessions, where we are encouraged to select subjects and assignments that we may not have taken otherwise.  Any apprehensions to do so are willingly dealt with by assigning extra classes and progressive mentoring. 


What they teach at Inbuss:


Be dynamic: Don’t wait until you know everything you think you’ll need to know. Take action. Learn. Take action. Repeat.  There is no substitute to hard work.



Be patient: Sometimes you’ll feel that you’re back at the same place you were last week, last month or last year. However each time around, you add to your knowledge.


Be open-minded: Allow your mind to be open with all your knowledge, experiences and ideas forming new connections within. Success on several occasions is attributed to breaking the rules and not following them.


Be present: Have a presence of mind and pay attention to your environment as there is much to learn.  In life, we mostly get what we negotiate for.  The toughest negotiators are most successful.


Be humble: Each person has a unique perspective. Make time to listen to people who have a different outlook. Recognize when to shut up, when to ask for help and when to admit a mistake.


Most of what I truly learnt at Inbuss is from the Inbuss Founder- Neeraj Batra.  He upholds a strong conviction, that we should not let formal education get in the way of learning (Mark Twain).  There are no textbooks in his classes.  A master conjurer, he presents forth the most fascinating ideas and makes astounding inferences out of day to day occurrences.  Inbuss’ biggest asset, he teaches us to study our everyday environment to find the most simple and obvious solutions for the most intricate problems.


Most business schools create managers.  Inbuss creates Leaders.  It encourages diversity; the greatest force towards creativity.  It harnesses optimism, loyalty and integrity in a multi-cultural and multi-faceted environment.  Inbuss gives us the strength to dream and to accomplish the unachievable.  It emphasizes that in order to stand out, it’s not good enough to merely be different; we must be outstanding.


Many congratulations for the 10 year celebrations to the Inbuss Family and to the Infinites for creating an institution that imparts such high value. 


Fortunately, it is by our decisions that we paint the portrait of who we are.

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