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Article by Dr. Shyam Vyas.


(Shyam Vyas is Founder, The M.A.R.C. Group (The Marketing, Advertising & Research Consultancies Group), New Delhi. He has been a popular marketing faculty in the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, USA and Western Illinois University, Macomb USA, for 5 years)


The importance of timing & precision in the pursuit of excellence in management cannot be overstated. Global as well as Indian business is rife with real world stories galore of the makings of great business and business leaders because they happened to strike at the right time, with the right precision – and achieved excellence.  Actually this is what makes a decision effective, strategic, and exhibits true leadership. One is advised to act when the timing is right and with adequate precision !


“Timing and precision” is the heart and guts of any great decision and the decision-maker’s ability to take decisions of far reaching and earth-shaking strategic importance. It calls for an astute judgment, thorough preparation, a disciplined temperament, and a clearly focused mind coupled with all that constitutes a well considered action.


Whether it is a decision to launch a brand or to participate in a relief effort, or to stand up and fight for a cause – the timing and precision of the decision will spell success or the lack of it. The probability of obtaining excellence, and the appropriateness accorded to any major decision (by history and by society at large), largely rests on its timing and precision. 


There have been major public figures that are credited with having had the knack of making decisions that transformed people’s lives for the better and changed the course of history. These were the true leaders that fine-tuned their vision and prepared well, and had the courage to take the decision with the appropriate timing and precision – that was required !  Yes – as stated - the soul of effective decision-making lies in its timing and precision – and may be nothing else !



One needs to recognize that a decision’s timing and precision have a lot to do with the thorough preparation – the homework – that must precede any decision in the first place. 


Whether it is the arena of politics, or management, of decisions taken in the heat of battles or in times of peace – in personal or professional lives – timing and precision are of utmost importance.


The notion that decision-makers choose and elect the timing and the precision built into the decision indicates the “pro-active” manner in which decisions should be made. One elects and selects a decision from an array of possible alternatives – and takes a considered approach to action at his / her chosen time and strikes appropriately to achieve the desired objective.


Those of us that cannot take considered decisions – have no real alternatives – and no real choice in terms of timing and precision – and in effect are forced into decision making situations but with little room to maneuver room or authority.


In the unfolding business environment, the quality of every firm’s decision-making, is in the eye of the storm, and timing and precision are the determinants that will spell success and excellence. Shakespeare talks of “there being a tide in affairs of men .”.which taken at flood leads on to fame and fortune …. Well those decision-makers that would leave their footprint on the sands of time and transform lives and business would do well hone their skills to perfection as regards timing and precision !

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