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Article by Prof. Nitender Dhillon. 

(Nitender Dhillon is currently a freelancer working closely with Wipro and GE. He is a former professor - Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon and XLRI, Jamshedpur)


There are persons whose genius has created an idea appealing to our senses. Ingenious thoughts of several others have provoked and rattled our thinking.  Personas of a few are role models for us. And there are products whose ingenuity and design have taken a significant share of our mind and wallets. Genius in ideas, thoughts, personalities and material products have given their creators worldwide admiration, adulation, a sense of achievement and propelled them into the ranks of the rich and famous.  If the ranks of the rich and famous were further segregated, one would notice a haloed set with the ability to commandeer high esteem bordering on awe for their achievements.  Simplicity would be one of the defining variables that marks out these few.

The world of stock markets and business has thrown up several rich and famous people known for their investment genius and entrepreneurship.  Warren Buffet is one such legendary investor consistently appearing in the list of the very rich.  It is a well known fact that Warren Buffet does not have the normal trappings of material wealth that goes with the rich and famous.  The halo that surrounds Warren Buffet and people of his ilk comes not from the wealth that they own, but because of the simplicity with which they have chosen to lead their lives.  Would he have reached this level of acclaim if simplicity was not an all pervading tool in his lifestyle and thinking process?  Ingenuity can propel you into another economic orbit but if it is coupled with simplicity it can mark you out for the heavens. As Leonardo da Vinci said centuries ago, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.


Simplicity can be nurtured as a value system from the start or in some instances can be acquired even after one has become rich and famous.  There are several instances of persons born wealthy but have renounced in favor of simplicity.  Either way, simplicity must be built in thoughts for it leads to simplicity in words; simplicity in words will lead to simplicity in actions; and simplicity in actions shapes our habits and character which then marks us out for destiny.

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