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At Inbuss we strongly believe that education is like Quasi Parenting. The Mentors at Infinity recognize that a transition from “I don’t care attitude” to “I don’t understand” state is the first critical step towards educating students. Post Graduate Programs tend to be the final academic point for most students. The ethos at Infinity relies significantly on motivating students to own a strong sense of responsibility and ethics at this final frontier before they enter the real world.


Inbuss is a close-knit community of people with a strong sense of pride and Ownership. We believe in imparting life skills as an integral part of a student’s education. We achieve this by our unique one- to one mentorship program delivered by our management team. Through this we inculcate in them desirable habits that enhances the quality of their personal and professional life. Prioritization, diligence, time management and a sense of ethics are integral to this process. Above all they are taught to assume responsibility for their actions.


As parents, you want your children to be in an environment that inspires them to learn. At Inbuss your child will be in surroundings that are invigorating yet comfortable, challenging yet supportive. Our program is designed to imbibe in them discipline and spirit of teamwork, qualities essential to be accomplished managers.


Students benefit from interacting with their alumni who have excelled as managers, leaders and entrepreneurs across diverse industries. India’s top-end faculty, giving students a taste of real-life corporate experiences in classroom, teaches our courses. With our record of 100% placements across diverse sectors, we don’t just give our students jobs but give them careers for life.


Your child is guided to make the right choices to pursue a career of his/her aptitude. In addition to the learning and extra-curricular activities, students invariably love the contemporary lifestyle of Gurgaon. We are proud to state that many parents have been pleasantly surprised to see the change in persona of their children at the completion of two years at Inbuss.


“With English Hons. as her base and theatre as her passion, Infinity was able to channelize and help her realize her true potential allowing her to be herself and yet guiding her into the new world she is stepping into. Kudos to the faculty and management for their commitment and personal interest in each student! As an educationist and a mother, I admire the unique mentoring program that you offer and once again congratulate inbuss.”
Mrs. Manika Sharma
Principal - The Sriram School
Parent of Neha Sharma (PGDGM 2007)


"INFINITY identified the spark and aspiration in Anmol for a  financial management career and groomed him towards the critical outlook and goals in this line; this has stood him in fine stead throughout."

Dr V Shanbhag
Advisor - Academics
Pearl Academy of Fashion
Parent of Anmol Shanbhag (Founder Batch 2001-03)


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