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Inbuss Highlights

"My stint at Infinity has brought out various facets of my personality that were previously unknown to me. So, appears that I'm ripe for Citius, Altius, Fortius!!” - Suruchi Berry, Batch of 2007


As a part of the Post Graduate Program in Functional Management (PGPFM), every students is required to choose a particular / combination of streams that they intend to specialise in. The final award given to the students denotes their key area of specialisation.


Infinity Business School offers specialisations in four key domains

•    Marketing
•    Finance
•    Entrepreneurship
•    Human Resource Management


As a part of the offering of the PGPFM, a student undertakes 10 elective courses in addition to the regular compulsory courses that are common to all students. We currently offer a total of 22 elective courses out of which the student is required to make that choice for 10 courses. The choice of the subscription to these courses lies with the student and is offered to them at a stage where they have been introduced to all the facets of management as a part of the PGPGM module.


Given the thin line cutting across various streams of management, the Institute encourages the students to take an ideal blend of the various streams, thereby offering a “Dual Specialisation”. In such cases the award clearly indicates the same.


The Table Below outlines the various outlines offered currently at Infinity Business School. It must also be noted that the electives offered are extremely dynamic in nature and the course offerings/ curriculum thereof may undergo change depending on its increased relevance.


Electives for Specialization (to choose a total of 10 electives from 4 streams)


Electives Offered under Marketing Specialisation

1. Sales & Distribution Management

2. Product & Brand Management

3. Consumer Behaviour

4. Marketing of Services

5. Event Management

6. Retailing

7. Contemporary Practices in Digital Marketing

8. Buzz (WOM) Marketing


Electives Offered under Finance Specialisation

1. Management of Financial Services

2. Real Estate Management

3. Security Analysis & Portfolio Management

4. Management of Commercial Banks

5. Future Options & Risk Management

6. Mergers Acquisitions & Corporate Restructuring

7. International Finance

8. Business Valuations & F. Statement Analysis


Electives Offered under Entrepreneurship Specialisation

1. Real Estate Management

2. Event Management

3. Business Valuations & F. Statement Analysis

4. Buzz (WOM) Marketing


Electives Offered under Human Resource Management Specialisation

1. Performance & Compensation Management

2. Cross Cultural Management

3. Training & Development

4. Industrial Relations & Labour Laws