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Faculty Speak

"I feel that Inbuss has the latest package of courses and personality development programmes. It encourages students to take initiatives in organizing activities as part of learning and ensures that discipline is maintained both in class and outside." - Prof. Mirza Saiyadain, Faculty Member


At Inbuss, the aim is to take learning beyond mere theory and concepts. Our educational mission transcends the boundaries of what has traditionally been taught. Here, learning is not just a classroom exercise-Its a process of constant metamorphosis. While the PGPGM aims to lay a strong foundation in management concepts and techniques, the PGPFM is designed to prepare a crop of young and pragmatic managers geared to exactly meet the needs of the contemporary business environment.


The Table Below outlines the various outlines offered currently at Infinity Business School. It must also be noted that the electives offered are extremely dynamic in nature and the course offerings/ curriculum thereof may undergo change depending on its increased relevance.


Post Graduate Program in General Management (PGPGM)

Term I Subjects

o Marketing Management I

o Management Accounting I

o Organizational Behaviour

o Globonomics & Contemporary Macroeconomic Issues

o Quantitative Methods in Business

o Personality Enhancement Program

o Managerial Economics


Term II Subjects

o Marketing Management II

o Management Accounting II

o Financial Management I

o Personality Enhancement Program II

o Personal Taxation

o Human Resource Management

o Introduction to Investing & Wealth Management


Term III Subjects

o New Venture Planning & Entrepreneurship

o Financial Management II

o Business Strategy I

o Marketing Research

o Economic Environment & Policy

o Legal Aspects of Business


Post Graduate Program in Functional Management (PGPFM)


Compulsory Subjects

o    Business Policy & Strategic Management

o    Advanced Personality Enhancement Program

o    International Business

o    Corporate Governance

o    Integrated Marketing Communication

o    Event Management


Electives for Specialization (to choose a total of 10 electives from 4 streams)


Electives Offered under Marketing Specialisation

1.    Sales & Distribution Management

2.    Product & Brand Management

3.    Consumer Behaviour

4.    Marketing of Services

5.    Retailing

6.    Contemporary Practices in Digital Marketing

7.    Buzz (WOM) Marketing


Electives Offered under Finance Specialisation

1.    Management of Financial Services

2.    Real Estate Management

3.    Security Analysis & Portfolio Management

4.    Management of Commercial Banks

5.    Future Options & Risk Management

6.    Mergers Acquisitions & Corporate Restructuring

7.    International Finance

8.    Business Valuations & F. Statement Analysis


Electives Offered under Entrepreneurship Specialisation

1.    Real Estate Management

2.    Event Management

3.    Business Valuations & F. Statement Analysis

4.    Buzz (WOM) Marketing


Electives Offered under Human Resource Management Specialisation

1.    Performance & Compensation Management

2.    Cross Cultural Management

3.    Training & Development

4.    Industrial Relations & Labour Laws